Will Open Beta Progression be kept for Launch?

Yes, all progression made during the Open Beta will be carried over to the Launch. This includes:
•    Player, Chimera, and Advisor Levels
•    Resources (Cells, Parts, Synthite)
•    Guards, Traps (including mods)
•    Suits, Weapons, and Equipment (including upgrades)
•    Outposts
Please note that while all Outposts created during the Open Beta will still be accessible, they will be depleted and will need to be reactivated.

Some Outposts may also be invalidated due to balancing made to the capacity cost of guards and traps, causing the capacity of the Outpost to be over the limit. This can be fixed by re-entering the Outpost and by removing items to bring the capacity back down below the maximum limit.

*Progress from the Closed Playtest will NOT be carried over to launch

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