Helpful Tips and Tricks for Ranking Points!

We understand Players are always looking for advantages to help them climb those Leaderboards faster, some things to keep in mind to do that are as follows:

  • Raiders are awarded points for successful raids, and Builders are awarded points for killing Raiders with their Outposts.

  • Higher difficulty raids reward more points.

  • When Raiding, your earned point-total is reduced based on your number of deaths. This is now significantly more forgiving than before for the early ranks. Bronze and Silver players should simply focus on completing as many raids as possible. When trying to progress from Gold to Master, fewer deaths and brutal raids become more critical.

  • Point totals you earn will no longer be modified by your rank relative to the opposing Builder or Raider; points earned for raiding will be earned regardless of the number of deaths to entice Raiders to complete challenging Outposts regardless of how many times they have died.
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