Patch Notes - Launch Day 1

Greetings, Custodians! 

We are thrilled that the wait is finally over and that Meet Your Maker is now available worldwide. We could not be more excited to welcome you all into the wasteland.  

Since the conclusion of our Open Beta, our development team has been working tirelessly to ensure that the game is as smooth and stable as possible from Day 1, fixing hundreds of bugs, crashes, and other issues. 

Not only that, but we also made multiple balancing changes based on player feedback, and we will continue to do so post-launch through on-going game health, bug fixing, balancing and content updates.  

So, without further ado, lets dive into the patch notes, shall we? 


  • In-game economy has been rebalanced to allow access to more content early in the game.
  • The projectile pickup ranges and “Magnetic Link” Biolink have been buffed. 
  • Outpost extraction is 40% more efficient reducing the active time required to gain maximum benefits. 
  • The ‘Adrenal Converter’ Guard Augment efficiency has been increased by 15% 
  • Acid cubes, Guards and mods applied to traps should now have a more appropriate weight when calculating an Outpost difficulty.  


  • Guards will now appear pale upon death.  
  • Advisor GenMat icons and workstations now change color and glow after a boost has been purchased.  
  • Pickup VFX have been added for ranged projectiles.  
  • The Advisor Shop UI will now present you with the Shop page first. A tab notification will appear on the Boost Page instead. 
  • In the Building Options menu, visual icons will now appear which will indicate whether your Outpost is or has been a Champion Outpost. 
  • A highlight has been added when hovering over the Accolade buttons at the end of a Raid.  
  • A warning message has been added to the Augments and Mods pages in Advisor Shops to inform you that they cannot be purchased without first researching the associated item.  
  • Player Info Cards have now been added into the View Skulls widget in Building mode.  


  • Co-op hosts should no longer experience occasional title crashes when loading to the Sanctuary after completing a Raid.  
  • Fixed an issue which caused the title to crash when attempting to simultaneously open the Mod Menu and start a Guard Recording. 
  • Fixed an issue which caused the title to crash when tabbing out of the Sanctuary.  
  • The title should no longer crash when attempting to block a player through the Command Center.  
  • Rewinding or fast forwarding during a Replay as Trap projectiles are triggered should no longer crash the title. 
  • Occasional title crashes will no longer occur when returning to Building mode from Test From Here/Start.  
  • The title should no longer crash when launching a co-op Raid. 
  • Reporting a blocked player will no longer cause the title to crash. 
  • Being revived in co-op raids will no longer cause occasional crashes. 
  • Fixed an issue which caused the title to crash when launching a Tutorial from Building mode.  


  • We have fixed an infinite loading issue that would occur after Prestiging an Outpost during Test From Here/Start.  
  • An infinite loading issue that would occur when returning to the Sanctuary from co-op Building mode has also been fixed.  
  • Players should no longer hang on the “Replay Station is not available while playing in co-op” message when disbanding the party. 


  • Armor Plating augments no longer appear in low resolution when selecting them in the Guard Advisor Shop menu.  
  • Grenades should now produce explosion VFX on Caged Glass Blocks.  
  • VFX should now appear in acid puddles created after shooting a Corrosive Cube equipped with a Splatter Mod.  
  • Traps will no longer appear outside of its frame if placed on a wall or wedge with no block above it.  
  • Holographic Traps should now visually appear for the guest when triggered during co-op Raids.  
  • Trap Previews should no longer appear when using the “Test From Here/Start” function in Building mode.  
  • Glass Blocks should no longer flicker heavily at grazing angles.  
  • XP icons will no longer appear in different colors for the same feat while Raiding.  
  • A dead Guard’s Augments should now fall all the way, preventing their bodies from stretching.  
  • The Lever which powers the Sanctuary is no longer lit up during the opening introduction.   


  • All SFX should now trigger during Replays.  
  • Heartbeat SFX should now trigger when a player is downed while co-op Raiding.  
  • SFX will now trigger when a partner dies while co-op Raiding.  
  • SFX will now trigger when navigating the Settings menu during the Chimera Intro sequence.  
  • When opening the Chimera Project menu, the SFX should now trigger as intended.  
  • SFX will now trigger when adjusting audio sliders in Settings.  
  • In the Building Inventory menu, duplicated SFX should no longer trigger with every tab change. 
  • SFX will now trigger on the guest’s side when the Harvester’s path gets blocked in co-op Building.  
  • The explosion SFX from a Plasma Sentinel’s plasma ball no longer stays active after the VFX has concluded. 


  • The Revive Prompt should now appear correctly when using the “Test Again From Here” feature when Building in co-op. 
  • Gathered Synthite should now update in the Options menu within Building mode. 
  • “Hide Preview” text should now update after hiding the Preview within Building Mode.  


  • The Event Log should now display the correct amount of GenMat collected when completing a Champion Outpost.  
  • The Abandon Raid button should no longer be visible in the background when a raid is already complete.  
  • Co-op partner’s names should now be displayed over their character model’s head while Raiding Outposts.  
  • The Revive Prompt will now always be displayed where your partner died.  
  • Number of Revives is no longer omitted from the Tally Screen at the end of a Raid.  


  • The amount of consumable owned when over 100 will now be displayed with an appropriate value across menus. 
  • Biolink information should now appear within the Loadout menu.  
  • Swapping between Suits with a different number of Perks unlocked should now show the correct Perks in the available slots. 
  • Loadouts should now consistently update after unlocking or crafting items. 
  • "Master rank" ranking points total will no longer show as "o" on the Tally Screen when completing a Raid. 
  • Switching between "Settings" and "loadout" tabs while in a Coop group should no longer make the partner character appears in the background. 
  • Purchased Weapon Upgrades should now be available to the player while Raiding an Outpost. 


  • Settings menu sliders should now increase at a faster speed when dragging them left or right.  
  • Buttons should now be labelled correctly when changing controller presets. 
  • Remapping keys will no longer cause the UI Settings menu to move.  


  • The Player Info Card in the Sanctuary HUD should now initialize in all popups. 
  • The Chimera Tribute level in the Sanctuary HUD should no longer display Level 7 when being of a different level. 
  • Chimera Tribute rewards popups should no longer show after skipping the animation.  
  • The “Claim a Burial Site” pop-up will no longer appear before having enough Synthite to buy one.   
  • Players should no longer be prompted to “Claim a Burial Site” after having already claimed one.   
  • Player Info Cards should no longer be missing player names in the Replay HUD.  
  • Subtitles should no longer overlap with the Chimera Progression HUD animation.  


  • Augments are now separated by categories in the Advisors Stations. 
  • The cost of both Unlocks and Upgrades sold by the Trap and Guard Advisors should now be in the correct order of Cells and Synthite.  
  • The Advisor Station menu should no longer retain focus when a “Purchase Failed” popup is triggered.  
  • The “Upgrade Weapon” button should no longer be partially cut off in the Weapon Advisor Station. 
  • The "maximum guards" number is now displayed appropriately in the Guard Advisor Station. 


  • The increased amount of Genmat earned will now immediately update in the Command Center when purchasing the "Deathgarden Boost" at the Hardware Advisor 
  • Fixed a display issue, showing both the cost to Refill and cost to Prestige in the Command Center. 
  • Outpost Prestige Points should no longer turn negative when the Prestige threshold is met. 
  • The Command Center alarm should no longer trigger when there are no Deaths or Raids on player’s Outpost.  
  • New Skulls Notifications should no longer persist on an Outpost after having viewed all skulls.  
  • Outpost Intel should now appear after buying a Watchman Perk from the Suits Advisor.  
  • Input to purchase is no longer cancelled when navigating the menu while attempting to purchase an Outpost in the Command Center. 


  • The default Building control presets for the left and right stick buttons on GamePad controllers will no longer trigger their alternate functions when attempting to Rotate building materials. 
  • Players are now able to reset keybinding to a default state. 
  • “Reset to Default” will no longer be disabled after re-mapping controls. 


  • The camera should no longer clip through the environment when leaning in raids. 
  • Raiders can no longer throw a Phoenix Pod Consumable inside a block while leaning, which was causing players to get stuck after respawning.  
  • Players should now be able to destroy Iron Claw traps with a ranged weapon once grappled. 
  • The Grappling Hook should now consistently interact with flying Hornet Guards. 
  • Effects of the Holocube Trap should no longer persist and cause other traps not to trigger.  
  • Incinerator Traps should now kill Raiders positioned in front of two alternating wedges.  
  • Iron Claw Traps will now be destroyed when shot at when the “Double Down” Mod is added. 
  • Raiders should no longer fly around after deactivating an Iron Claw trap at the right timing. 
  • Raiders should no longer be able to set off Corrosive Cube or Holocube Traps through wedges before it can be seen in certain configurations. 
  • Raiders should no longer encounter loot drops that award 0 Synthite or Parts during Raids.  
  • Bolt Shot Traps will no longer detect Raiders through Corrosive Cubes. 
  • Surface Traps placed behind Cube Traps now have uniform detection ranges and are no longer triggered inconsistently.  
  • “Second Wave” Holocubes are now activated by Grenades, Bombs, and Incinerator fire.  
  • Guards should now resume their patrol path when a Holocube Trap with the “Masquerade” mod has been revealed in front of them. 
  • The Spike Drive Consumable effect no longer stacks with every uses. 
  • Flash Barriers should no longer allow Traps with the Invisible Mod to spawn inside of the shield.  


  • Players should now be able to remap “Fly” and “Fly – Ascend” to the same custom input.  
  • Players should no longer return to Building mode when attempting to respawn at the death screen after having collected the GenMat when “Testing From Here/Start.”  
  • Using Lean and a Secondary Weapon at the same time will no longer cause the camera to stay in Lean mode. 
  • Loot should no longer keep respawning in Outposts in Building Mode even when no new kills have been added.  
  • Players should now be able to scroll with a mouse when scrolling between items in Building mode.  
  • Loot should now always be collected from within Building mode. 


  • Raiders no longer need to press their movement keys again to be able to move after reviving a partner.  
  • Co-op partner Revive Spheres should no longer appear at random locations after being killed.  
  • Viewing a Replay in co-op will no longer kick the party guest without warning. 
  • The Iron Claw’s grappling hook animation is now properly displayed in co-op. 
  • Outposts should now fully load upon loading into them in co-op. 


  • Players should now receive Rewards when levelling the Chimera past Level 100. 

In conclusion, we will continue working hard to make the game even better and we have a lot of exciting content planned. Be sure to check out our 3-month post-launch content roadmap for a sneak peek at some of the new content that we have in store for you:  

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in the wasteland! 

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