Meet Your Maker - Patch Notes - 4/19/2023

Hey Custodians,  

We have just released an update which provides some Quality-of-Life updates, bug fixes and stability improvements. We have also recently released some new content! Please see the patch notes below for more details:  

RECENT RELEASES – Hellscape Deco Pack + Trap Mod 

Hellscape Deco Pack 

Humanity’s struggle for survival in the wasteland has been full of missteps. Hellscape organisms are one such aberration. The result of a Sanctuary’s rogue project, the original intention of these creations remains unknown – but the outcome is the stuff of nightmares.    

This repulsive Deco Pack combines organic matter and artificial structures to create eerie, pulsating Outposts where tendrils creep, lesions light the path, and patterned bloodstains decorate the walls. Use these materials within your next creation to bring it to life in the worst possible ways.    

 The Hellscape Deco Pack includes:   

  • 2 Blocks: Bloodmesh, Gnarlvine   
  • 2 Props: Tower Lesion, Keyhole Lesion   
  • 1 Animated Prop: Flesh Bloom   
  • 8 Decals    

Boltshot Trap Mod – Relentless 

The Relentless Mod for the Boltshot trap gives Builders even more control over the vicious volley of arrows launched at unsuspecting trespassers. Adding this Mod means the Boltshot’s 14 arrows are no longer triggered simultaneously, but staggered, launching over the course of 2 seconds to increase the duration of its deadly onslaught.    

Use these additions well, Custodians. Many more are on the way.   


  • Multiple title crashes have been fixed, which should help provide a more stable experience.  


  • More rust has been added to the texture on the Dead by Daylight Deco Pack Blocks Set, reducing the resemblance to the metal on Traps. This should help you spot traps more easily without altering the visual intentions for the Deco pack.  
  • We have fixed an issue which caused armor to appear floating below Hornet after reequipping the Armor Mod on a Hornet with a Recorded Path.  


  • The “Continue” button on the Accolade Screen will now require you to press and hold to proceed. This should help prevent accidental skipping of Accolade selections. 
  • The Building controller presets have been swapped from “Default” to “Original.” This will allow you to rotate blocks with the face buttons instead of having to first open the “More” menu. 


  • Subtitles within the Sanctuary will now be set to “Enabled” by default. They may be turned off in Settings. 


  • Fixed an issue which prevented players who participated in the Open Beta from unlocking the “Feed the Beast” achievement. 
  • You may also unlock the 5 achievements associated with each Advisor by adding 10 more levels to the level you started with at launch.  
  • Fixed an issue which caused HRV to get stuck in collision between a sloped Framed Glass Block and a Cathedral Block. 

-The Meet Your Maker Team  

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