Meet Your Maker - Patch Notes - 5/9/2023

Patch Notes – Version 1.2.0

Hey Custodians,  

We have just released an update which provides some bug fixes, balancing changes, Quality-of-Life updates, and stability improvements. Please see the patch notes below for more details:  


  • Traps will no longer detect Raiders through Corrosive Cubes equipped with the Second Wave Mod.  
  • The Harvester will no longer be killed on spawn by Death Piston Traps placed next to the Shipping Station.  
    • It will also not be killed by the Death Piston when returning to the Shipping Station to deposit harvested GenMat.  
  • Plasma Clouds from Plasma Sentinel Traps equipped with the Plasma Cloud Mod will now be visible for guests in CO-OP Raids. 
  • We have fixed an issue which caused a Raider’s animation to break during the revive sequence in CO-OP Raids. 


  • We have fixed an issue which caused players to be unable to equip Biolinks in slots 2 and 3 after joining a CO-OP Raid.  
  • We have fixed an issue which caused the Volt Lancer to revert to only having 2 bolts despite unlocking the second upgrade after joining a CO-OP Raid.  


  • We have fixed an issue which caused Outpost kill drops to be infinitely refreshed by force closing the game after collecting the loot.  
  • De-activating and re-activating your Outpost will no longer affect your Outpost’s Matchmaking priority. 


  • Deleting an Outpost in the My Outposts menu will now require you to go through a confirmation pop-up.  
  • This has been done to help prevent accidental Outpost deletions. 


  • Multiple title crashes have been fixed, which should help provide a more stable experience.  


  • The “Purchase” button will now be disabled if you do not have enough currency to purchase an item or upgrade in one of the Advisor Stations.  


  • We have moved the Controller pre-sets to the top of the Controller Settings page for ease of access.  


  • Selecting an Accolade can now be done by pressing the directional buttons on Controllers, or numbers on Keyboards.  
    • This should help prevent accidental accolades skips observed on consoles.  
    • For Mouse & Keyboard players, we have not removed the ability to click on the Accolade that you want to select.  



  • Raiders will no longer lose Ranking Points when abandoning a Raid. 
  • It’s no longer possible to receive less than 0 Ranking Points as a Raider or Builder after a successfully completing a Raid or being Raided. 
  • Ranking Points earned in Bronze and Silver have been made significantly more lenient when considering Raider Deaths, and slightly more in Gold and Master as well.  
  • Builders will now receive more Ranking Points for the first kill, with an increase from 30 to 75 Ranking Points.  
  • Builders can no longer lose points if a player Raids their Outpost without dying.  
  • Builder Ranking Points loss has been reduced across all Ranking tiers.  


  • The Prestige System and Prestige requirements have been reworked, making it far more achievable to Prestige your Outposts, particularly if you get Accolades.  
  • The number of Prestige Points earned from rewarded Accolades has been increased from 20 to 40 points.  
  • The amount of Prestige Points earned from Raider Kills has been rebalanced to weigh the first kills more highly but diminish more quickly.  
  • The Prestige Point Requirements are now the same across all Burial Sites, and are now consistent from Levels 5 through 10, rather than growing with each level. 
    • The new Prestige Point Requirements are as follows:  
      • Prestige 2: 120 
      • Prestige 3: 150 
      • Prestige 4: 180 
      • Prestige 5+: 200 


  • The cost to craft Hardware has been increased slightly by 5 Parts. 
    • The new crafting costs are as follows:   
      • Spike Drive: 15 Parts 
      • Blast Grenade: 15 Parts 
      • Flash Barrier: 25 Parts  
      • Phoenix Pod: 35 Parts 


  • More XP Feats may be performed before their XP value starts to diminish, and the diminish rate has been reduced. 

-The Meet Your Maker Team  


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