I lost access to non-owned or owned DLC

The following article applies to players who have logged into Meet Your Maker and noticed they no longer have access to DLC(s).

This can happen on a new update, but the most common cases are as follow:

  • The player who was Family Sharing with you has deactivated this feature
    • The owner of the DLC(s) will have to re-enable the Family Sharing feature with the account(s) involved.
  • The player who was Family Sharing received a Game Ban
    • If the owner of the DLC(s) received a Game Ban on their account, all accounts who were borrowing DLC(s) and the Base game will have the access removed automatically.  All accounts that were borrowing content can still play by purchasing the Base game and appropriate DLC(s).
  • Players who were accessing DLC(s) and the Base game through Family Sharing and decided to purchase the Base game (for example, during a sale)
    • This applies to every platform - the moment you own the Base game on your account, all DLC(s) that were being borrowed will no longer be accessible since players cannot specifically only Family Share DLC(s).
  • Players who recently moved to another country
    • Since all purchases and contents are locked behind regions, you will need to contact the appropriate platform's Player Support team to have the country changed on your account and validate your purchase(s).
  • Players who have upgraded their device to a PS5 and were previously borrowing DLC(s) through a Primary Account have noticed that some DLC(s) are now missing but the DLC(s) are still available to use on their PS4 device.
    • PS5 products work differently from PS4 products. Depending on the time and date of the purchase, the product may only be available on PS4 consoles. However, Sony has implemented a feature for owners to upgrade these DLC(s) to make it compatible with PS5 devices as well for free.  The owner has to go to Sony's Store page, find the appropriate DLC, and they will see the free offer path. Note this does not apply to Germany and Japan since, by law, Mature products cannot be given away; a low-cost would apply. Also, since we no longer sell the Stranger Things DLC, the Store page will not be available either for the upgrade path.

If the above does not apply to you, here are some basic troubleshooting that you can quickly do:

  • Reinstalling the DLC(s)
  • Setting the device as the "primary console"
  • Restoring the licenses of the DLC(s)

For any other issues with DLC(s), please contact the appropriate platform at your earliest convenience and their Player Support team will be able to validate the purchase(s) and assist you accordingly.

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