Meet Your Maker - Patch Notes - 06/22/2023

Hey Custodians, 

In preparation for Sector 1: Dreadshore’s impending release on June 27th, we’ve just released a major patch update which features many balancing changes, quality of life updates, bug fixes and more. For a detailed breakdown, please see the patch notes below: 


  • We have added a new splash screen, loading screen and Easy Anti-Cheat artwork to celebrate Sector 1: Dreadshore’s upcoming release. 


  • Outposts may now be activated an infinite amount of times after reaching Prestige 10, for a Synthite Cost! 
    • Activating an Outpost beyond Prestige 10 will still reward players with resources, kills and Accolades.  
    • Outposts activated beyond Prestige 10 are no longer eligible to be Champion Outposts.  
  • Tutorial #2 “Raid an Outpost” has been improved to better teach the grappling hook and Forsaken Tomb mechanics. 
  • Newly released content will now be flagged with “!” notifications so players can easily identify content that has been released since they have last played.  
  • Loading screens now contain useful gameplay tips. 
  • The consequences of dying as it pertains to loot is now better explained on the death screen.  
  • The results of Prestiging while there is still GenMat to harvest has been clarified in the user-interface.  
  • "Aim response curve" visual support and text have been updated to better explain the effect of the various setting options. 
  • The contrast of cosmetic rarity type colors has been updated to be less subtle, and no longer blend with the UI.  


Synthite & Parts Balancing: 

  • We have added guaranteed Synthite and Parts rewards to Raiding to create a more dependable source of these currencies, while altering the effectiveness of other sources. Overall, this is a slight buff.
    • Regular Raids will grant Synthite or Parts depending on Outpost difficulty: 
      • Normal: 45 Synthite or Parts 
      • Dangerous: 60 Synthite or Parts 
      • Brutal: 75 Synthite or Parts 
      • Champion Outposts: 100 Synthite or Parts for ALL difficulties.  
  • Diminishing returns on the quantity of loot contained within drops from Skulls have been removed.  
  • The Forsaken Tomb loot drops have been reduced from 8 to 5.  
  • The Parts and Synthite rewards have been removed from the Daily Tribute Reward.  
  • The Spoils of War (Parts Boost) effects and cost have been reduced: 
    • Level 1:  
      • Effect: 10% to 5% 
      • Cost: 50 Cells & 100 Synthite to 50 Cells & 50 Synthite 
    • Level 2:  
      • Effect: 20% to 10% 
      • Cost: 75 Cells & 300 Synthite to 75 Cells & 150 Synthite 
    • Level 3:  
      • Effect: 30% to 15% 
      • Cost: 100 Cells & 500 Synthite to 100 Cells & 250 Synthite 
  • The Strip Mine (Synthite Boost) effects and cost have been reduced: 
    • Level 1:  
      • Effect: 10% to 5% 
      • Cost: 50 Cells & 100 Parts to 50 Cells & 50 Parts 
    • Level 2:  
      • Effect: 20% to 10% 
      • Cost: 75 Cells & 300 Parts to 75 Cells & 150 Parts 
    • Level 3:  
      • Effect: 30% to 15% 
      • Cost: 100 Cells & 500 Parts to 100 Cells & 250 Parts 

Trap Balancing: 

  • The Corrosive Cube’s capacity cost has been increased from 15 to 20.  
  • The Plasma Sentinel’s capacity cost has been increased from 50 to 70, and its Mods have also seen an increase in cost.  
    • Eagle Eye Mod: Capacity cost increased from 15 to 20 
    • Plasma Cloud Mod: Capacity cost increased from 15 to 20 
    • Self-Destruct Mod: Capacity cost increased from 15 to 20 

*Be advised that these Capacity Cost increases may push some Outposts to overcapacity, resulting in some Builders needing to remove defences to be able to reactivate their Outpost.  

Weapon Balancing:  

  • The Arc Barrier's Perfect Block window has been reduced by 0.5 seconds on each level. The new Perfect Block windows are as follows:  
    • Level 1: 0.25s 
    • Level 2: 0.35s 
    • Level 3: 0.5s 

Hardware Balancing:  

  • The Phoenix Pod can now be used twice per Raid. 
    • The Phoenix Pod is now automatically unlocked for all players, and players will start with 25 in their inventory.  
  • Players will now also start with 25 Grenades in their inventory.  



  • We have fixed an issue which prevented Raider deaths from being registered upon force quitting the game. Skulls will now register on every death instead of at the end of a Raid.  
    • Builders will now be rewarded with kills and loot even if the Raider quits by force closing the game on console, or by pressing Alt+F4 on PC.  
  • Fixed an issue where Buttons are not disabled in the blurred background of the Building Inventory.  
  • Fixed an issue where Outpost Capacity does not update in Co-op building. 
  • Fixed an issue where there would occasionally be no gap be no gap between an Incinerator’s Trap Range Preview and an object that is obstructing it. 


  • We have fixed an issue which prevented Co-Op party guests from receiving Ranking Points after completing a Co-Op Raid. 
  • Fixed an issue where Co-Op party guest does not gain experience upon completion of a Co-Op Raid. 
  • Fixed an issue where Death Pistons could trigger through invisible Holocubes.  
  • Fixed an issue that caused Co-Op partners to glow when revives are interrupted. 
  • Fixed an issue where low amounts of loot could be generated from destroying Traps or killing Guards in the Tutorial. 
  • Fixed an issue causing the Harvester to not follow the path when placing Second Wave Holocubes above corner blocks. 
  • Fixed an issue causing Raiders to die when standing on a wedge with a modded Death Piston below or behind the wedge. 
  • Fixed an issue where Death Pistons can kill a Raider through a Flash Barrier.  
  • Fixed an issue causing Hornets to stop patrolling after touching a ceiling. 
  • Fixed an issue where, if timed correctly, lunge attacks still destroy Traps even if the Raider is not range. 
  • Fixed an issue causing Raiders to revive inside a block after placing a Phoenix Pod to close to a wedge or Corrosive Cube. 
  • Fixed an issue where Guards continue to target a dead raider's body. 
  • Fixed an issue which could occasionally cause a Raider’s weapon to swap after firing the Grappling Hook.  
  • Fixed an issue where Traps placed on Wedge blocks cannot be destroyed when attacking from the side with melee weapons during Raids. 


  • We have fixed an issue where the Command Center and Replay Station notifications take more than 1 minute to appear when returning to the Sanctuary. 
  • Fixed an issue where message popups are always displayed when entering the Sanctuary when players did not receive the rewards. 


  • We have fixed multiple game title crashes.  
  • Fixed an issue causing a long delay before getting an error message, when attempting to purchase an item in the Advisor Shops without enough currency. 


  • We have fixed an issue where the Masquerade Mod icon does not match the Trap Classification. 
  • Fixed an issue causing the UI to display a large loss of ranking points after completing a raid. 
  • Fixed an issue where no resources are shown on the "Resources Discovered" at the end of a Raid. 


  • We have fixed an issue where the same weapon can be equipped in both weapon slots by using Customization options. 
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Biolink menu to be difficult to read under certain conditions. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Customization skins' preview is squished. 
  • Fixed an issue where Trap Mod icons could be visible on Trap frames when no Mods are applied. 


  • We have fixed an issue causing the "GenMat Defender" achievement to be unlocked under the wrong conditions. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing the "On Guard" achievement to be unlocked by some players. 
  • The Hellscape block surfaces have received an update to improve their audio quality.  
  • Animated props have received an update to improve their visual performance.  
  • Fixed visual issues when viewing certain blocks from a distance.  

..and that’s not all, as June 27th will see the release of Sector 1: Dreadshore in all its glory, with new content such as a brand-new Outpost Environment, Custodian, Trap, Guard and Weapon, new Deco Packs, a new Cosmetic Collection, as well as Ranking changes!  

New content releasing on June 27th: 

  • New Environment: Dreadshore 
    • A rainy, seaside Outpost Environment with battered shipwrecks and an ominous lighthouse beacon that shines bright, cutting through the fog and gloom.  
  • New Trap: Sentry Beam 
    • The Sentry Beam tracks its target before firing a laser beam that can ricochet off surfaces.  
  • New Guard: Ravager 
    • The Ravager is an aggressive sub-clone who fires bolts that spread out.  
  • New Weapon: Demolition Cannon 
    • A Cannon that fires reusable explosive shells that can deal massive damage to Traps, Flesh, and Armor.  
  • New Suit: Nautilus 
    • Nautilus is a Suit that enhances the effects of defensive weaponry. 
  • New Deco Pack: Tempest Cove 
    • Salt-worn designs from the cost, featuring 2 Building Blocks, 2 Props, 1 Animated Prop and 8 Decals.  
  • New Cosmetic Collection 
    • New Deco Pack: Light’s End  
      • The stylings of a traditional lighthouse, featuring 2 Building Blocks, 2 Props, 1 Animated Prop and 8 Decals. 
    • New Cosmetics:  
      • Maelstrom: An Epic cosmetic for the Nautilus Suit.  
      • Dreadnought: An Epic cosmetic for the Demolition Cannon.  
  • The new Sector 1 Ranking Season will begin, and Sector 0 Ranking Rewards will be available for players who participated in Season 0. The following cosmetics and decals will be rewarded based on Rank Tier: 
    • Gold or higher: Warlord Ironside cosmetic 
    • Silver or higher: Cataclysm Fury's Edge cosmetic 
    • Master: Season 0 decal 
    • Gold: Season 0 decal 
    • Silver: Season 0 decal 
    • Bronze: Season 0 decal 

Balancing Changes releasing on June 27th:  

Ranking Balancing:  

  • The Ranking System has been reworked to improve the flow of progression, requiring less Ranking Points per Rank.  
    • Rank to Rank requirements will also now increase at a more gradual pace. 
  • Players will now receive the same base Ranking Points for actions regardless of your opponent’s Rank.  
  • You will continue to lose more Ranking Points for actions based on your own Rank. 

-The Meet Your Maker Team 

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