Meet Your Maker - Patch Notes - 8/15/2023

Greetings, Custodians!


Our first Mid-Sector update, Rising Tides, has arrived, and with this update comes new features and content, balancing changes, quality-of-life updates, bug fixes and more! For a detailed breakdown, please see the patch notes below:



  • Always Social Outposts:
    • All Outposts that are set to Active or Overdrive can now be found via the Social Raid menu as well. This will allow Builders to share their devious creations without losing the benefit of keeping them Active.
      • Here are some key things to note about this new feature:
        • Raiding an Outpost on Social while it is available to Raid on your Raid Map will result in the Outpost being removed from the World Map.
        • Launching an Outpost that was attempted but unfinished on the Raid Map will open a warning popup that reads: “You have already attempted to Raid this Outpost on your World Map. If you continue, it will be removed from the World Map.”
        • Raiding an Outpost on Social that is set to Active/Overdrive by the Builder will still be considered a Social Raid, so you will not receive any loot, XP, nor Ranking Points.
  • Daily Challenges:
    • The all-new Daily Challenges system for Raiders replaces the current Chimera Tribute system, giving Raiders a steady stream of tasks, which encourage the use of different mechanics and strategies to complete, and will be rewarded with Cells for doing so.



  • 5 New Mods and Augments are available to unlock from Prota and Metamorph:
    • Iron Claw – Self Destruct: The Self-Destruct Mod causes the Trap to explode soon after being destroyed.
    • Sentry Beam – Burst Beam: This Mod increases the tracking rate and rate of fire but decreases the duration of its attack.
    • Death Piston – Pulverize: This Mod increases the Piston’s speed.
    • Incinerator – Firestorm: This Mod increases the duration in which its deadly flames are expelled.
    • Cannonback – Grand Sacrifice: This new Augment causes the Guard to sacrifice itself by exploding when close to their target.


  • New Decals:
    • 3 new colour decals are now available for all Builders: Hunter Green, Royal Blue, and Aquamarine.



  • Field of View can now be adjusted up to 110 on current generation consoles. (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/.
  • Replay scrubbing is now available on all platforms, allowing you to jump ahead and jump back on your replays.
  • Dreadshore lighting and fog have been adjusted to improve visibility in Outposts.
  • We have updated the game engine to Unreal 5.1, which should result in better shadow quality, a more accurate physical engine, and higher visual quality on high PC settings.
  • A new music track has been added to the Splash Screen and loading sequences.
  • Aim assist distance has been adjusted for the Falconic Plasmabow, Demolition cannon and the Ravager hitbox.
    • Demolition Cannon aim assist has been reduced to 20m, from 7 blocks to 5 blocks to better support its short/mid-range effective range.
    • Falconic Plasmabow aim assist has been increased from 7 blocks to 12 blocks to better support its long-range role.
  • Players can now see the impact of their actions on their Ranking in a Raid from the Raid Summary screen or from their Active Outposts in the Outpost reports.
  • The GenMat Progression UI in the Raid Map has been revamped. It should now be easier to identify the impact of the GenMat you would collect on your progression when choosing your next Raid.
  • Analog Turn Speed settings in Building have been adjusted to match with other controller setting values across the game



  • Plasma Sentinel Trap:
    • The size and duration of the Plasma Sentinel’s Plasma Cloud Mod has been reduced.
      • Size from 6m to 4m in diameter.
      • Duration from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Trap Capacity Cost Adjustments:
    • Sentry Beam Mod capacity costs have increased from 5 to 15.
    • The Self-Destruct Mod for the Death Piston has been increased from 10 to 15.
    • The Catch & Release Mod for the Iron Claw has been increased from 5 to 10.
  • Ravager Guard:
    • The Ravager’s vision has been decreased from 38m to 31m, matching the Enforcer’s sight range.
    • A range limit has been added to the Ravager’s projectiles to reduce effectiveness at longer ranges. Projectiles now fizzle over-distance.
    • The Ravager’s pre-attack duration has been increased from 1.5s to 2s.
    • The Ravager’s attack spread pattern has been reshaped by adding a circular grouping.




  • Fixed an issue preventing Co-op Raiders from reviving each other inside the escape zone when carrying the GenMat.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Co-op guests from using Grenades.
  • Fixed an issue causing Boosts activated by a Co-op guest to have no effect.
  • Fixed an issue causing Co-op guests from being awarded incorrect negative Ranking Points at the end of a Raid.
  • Fixed an issue causing a Co-op host's death marker to be unreachable for the guest in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue causing dead Co-op Raiders to become invisible while being revived in Test My Base.



  • Fixed an issue preventing certain Hardware with remaining charges to be used in Raid or not matching charges spent.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Phoenix Pods from being refunded after faulty placement.
  • Fixed an issue causing Volt Lancer projectiles to bounce off Warmonger armour in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue causing Lancer and Plasmabow projectiles to bounce off a guard's lower back.
  • Fixed an issue causing Cannonbacks to not consistently enter combat when the Raider is positioned above or below them.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Sentry Beam to not attack raiders when placed on a corner block.
  • Fixed an issue causing Sledgeblade's and Fury's Edge's animations to not play on consecutive attacks.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the Raider to destroy their grapple hook.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Iron Claw's chain to be unbreakable in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Raiders to peek inside certain block types.



  • Fixed an issue causing the difficulty rating of an Outpost to not update with Guard Recordings.
  • Fixed an issue causing the difficulty rating of an Outpost to not properly account for Traps placed on the Harvester's path.
  • Fixed an issue causing the difficulty rating of an Outpost to not properly account for Plasma Sentinel and Laser Beam traps being in close proximity to other traps.
  • Fixed an issue causing the total amount of skulls to not display when filter is set to "All"
  • Fixed an issue causing the Loadout to not update correctly while dead in Test My Base.
  • Fixed performance issues when using "Strip Outpost" on a saturated Outpost.


Command Center:

  • Fixed an issue displaying Holocubes in thumbnails (now displayed as bedrock)
  • Fixed dark thumbnails for Dreashore outposts.



  • Fixed an issue preventing users to move in free cam during Replays.
  • Fixed an issue displaying confusing raiding controls while viewing a Replay.
  • Fixed an issue causing performance issues when scrubbing replays on Consoles.



  • Fixed an issue causing new item notifications on Biolinks to not be dismissed properly.
  • Fixed an issue displaying erroneous values in the Chimera Evolution UI
  • Fixed an issue displaying a user's total Ranking Points as being awarded in Outpost reports.
  • Equipped cosmetic icons are now displayed consistently throughout the loadout instead of default icons.
  • Fixed an issue causing Suit Biolink to not show after having consulted a Biolink with a new item notification.
  • Fixed an issue displaying Ranking Earnings for "0" active outposts in Outpost Reports.
  • Fixed an issue causing the details of Outpost Reports to not be accessible.



  • Multiple title crash fixes.


For status updates on known issues, please refer to our Known Issues Board here:


We hope you enjoy all that Rising Tides has to offer, and for Custodians wondering what’s next for Meet Your Maker, here’s a small tease of what’s to come:


See you in the wasteland!

-The Meet Your Maker Team

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