New Difficulty System

This new update brings an overhaul of the difficulty system that will make it easier for Raiders to choose the kind of Outposts they want to play. This change affects not only how difficulty is displayed, but also how it's calculated.

Our new system will have a dynamic component that assesses both the Raider and the Outpost to make the difficulty score a living, breathing rating that can rise or fall depending on Raider performance. Factors such as skill level of the Raider, number of times they died, and more will be considered as the Outpost difficulty score gradually adjusts.

When Sector 2 launches, we'll be turning on this new dynamic component in the background to collect data, fine-tune the system, and to let initial ratings stabilize. Soon after, with our upcoming Mid-Sector update, we’ll be fully launching the dynamic Outpost difficulty system and rewards for players. The more you raid, the more accurate our difficulty system will be. So we’re calling on you, Custodians—raid as much as possible!

And finally, in preparation for this change, and to give players a more accurate view of difficulty, we'll be supplementing an Outpost’s categorization as Normal, Hard, or Brutal with a 10-point difficulty scale symbolized by skulls. The more skulls you see, the deadlier the Outpost.


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