Meet Your Maker - Patch Notes - 31/10/23

Greetings Custodians,  

Our second mid-sector update featuring Raiding 2.0: Expeditions, has arrived, and with this update comes new features and content, balancing changes, quality-of-life updates, bug fixes and more! For a detailed breakdown, please see the patch notes below:   






Expeditions are an all-new way to engage with the game’s Raiding experience. The Raid Map has gotten an overhaul, which will present you with 3 difficulties of Expeditions to embark on, each with a different level of challenge for the Outposts you’ll Raid.  


Upon selecting an Expedition, you’ll begin on a node-based Expedition Map with a web of branching paths, filled with Outposts to Raid and rewards to collect. As you clear Outposts, you’ll earn in-game currency (Synthite, Parts and Cells), new game-changing Enhancements and progress through the brand-new free Seasonal Reward Track.  


As you complete Expedition Zones, you’ll earn Expedition Points which are used to unlock exciting rewards from the Seasonal Reward Track such as exclusive cosmetics, decals, and the new Enhancements.  




Enhancements are new equippable and depletable gameplay buffs that you can add to your loadout. They greatly change the Raiding experience, providing buffs like increased grapple speed, extra jumps, exploding ranged ammo, and much more!  

Enhancements are consumed by using charges. A charge is used upon leaving the Safe Zone and lasts until the Outpost has been completed. Enhancements can be swapped mid-Raid, although doing so will consume a charge on the newly equipped Enhancement the next time you exit the Safe Zone. You will still have lost the charge on the previously equipped Enhancement.  

They come in 4 potential rarities, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic, each with increasing levels of impact, and they can be earned from completing Outposts, through the Expeditions Map for reaching the end node of branches, as well as from the seasonal Rewards Track.  

Enhancements can also be used in Social Raids without the worry of an Enhancement charge being consumed, so this is a perfect way to test out these new tools! 




    • (Enforcer) Seeker Bolts: The Guard fires bolts that home in on their target.
    • (Hornet) Sluggish: The projectile now leaves a spherical slowing field that reduces Custodian movement.
    • (Ravager) Combat Ready: Increases how quickly the Guard engages in combat once alerted.


    • (Impaler) Red Hot: Burning spikes kill anyone who touches their sides. Slightly increases the amount of time the Trap is extended.
    • (Corrosive Cube) Spontaneous: Deadly liquid is constantly ejected from the Trap.



In our Sector 2: Shattered Peak update, we released a new granular 10-point difficulty scale symbolized by skulls, meaning the more skulls you see, the deadlier the Outpost. This replaced the previous system which featured Normal, Dangerous and Brutal Outpost difficulties.  

This overhaul brought in a new system which makes it easier for Raiders to choose the kind of Outposts they want to play. This change not only affected how the difficulty is displayed, but how it’s calculated.  

As of today’s update, Outpost Difficulty Ratings will now be dynamic, and will actively change based on how Raiders perform in the Outpost. Raider kills will now be considered when attributing an Outpost’s difficulty.   

The initial Difficulty Ratings will rely on the defence configuration of the Outpost, and then will be adjusted over time based on Raider kills as your Outposts are Raided, so we’re calling on you Custodians, raid as much as possible! 

Making changes to your Outposts will readjust the Difficulty based on the initial Difficulty Rating.  




Embrace your Halloween spirit with five glow-in-the-dark decals! These decorations will add a touch of fright to your devious creations! These and other spooky rewards are available to unlock on the Expeditions Reward Track.  





The long-awaited arrival of the smiling “Wish You Were Here” decal is finally here. Use it to taunt lost Raiders at a dead-end or brighten up your Outposts with a smile. It’s the perfect way to communicate both joy and mischief with a touch of style! 



  • Loot Magnetization: Parts and Synthite are now automatically magnetized to the player when in close proximity. Using the “Pick Up Magnet” Enhancement will increase the radius at which the loot is magnetized.
  • We have added a "!" new item notification on the Raider HUD's Loadout prompt to indicate when a new Loadout item is available.
  • We have updated the game engine to Unreal 5.2.






  • Incinerator: Fire damage is now applied over time, leaving a small window for the Raider to avoid death.




  • All Synthite costs for unlockable items and item upgrades have been removed. Synthite is now exclusively used for Building and Advisor Boosts. 
  • Parts costs have been removed from all initial item unlocks. Unlocks now only cost Cells. 
  • All upgrades now cost Cells and Parts, and the Parts costs for upgrades have been rebalanced. 
  • Cells costs have been significantly reduced across all purchases that require them. This is inline with reduced Cells rewards that will be listed below. 
  • The cost to craft Phoenix Pods have been reduced from 50 to 20 Parts. 
  • The cost to craft Flash Barriers have been reduced from 50 to 30 Parts. 



  • We have increased the Guaranteed Rewards for completing Raids: 
  • Normal Difficulty Outposts
  • Parts: 45 > 50
  • Synthite: 45 > 75
  • Dangerous Difficulty Outposts
  • Parts: 60 > 75
  • Synthite: 75 > 125
  • Brutal Difficulty Outposts
  • Parts: 75 > 100
  • Synthite: 75 > 125
  • Champion Outposts now reward Parts OR Synthite, not both. Rewards are now different per difficulty. 
  • Previous Reward: 100 Synthite and Parts. (All Difficulties)
  • New Normal Difficulty Outposts Reward: 75 Parts OR 100 Synthite
  • New Dangerous Difficulty Outposts Reward: 100 Parts OR 125 Synthite
  • New Brutal Difficulty Outposts Reward: 150 Parts OR 175 Synthite
  • We have also added new sources of Cells, Parts and Synthite which are obtainable through the Expeditions system. 



  • We have removed the Parts and Synthite rewards from levelling up the Chimera. 
  • Cells rewards for levelling up the Chimera have been decreased from 250 to 100. 



  • The “Use Equipment” challenge requirement has been increased from 15 to 20. 
  • The “Backstab Guard” requirement has been reduced from 5 to 3. 
  • The “Deflect or Block Attacks” requirement has been reduced from 20 to 10. 
  • We have reduced the Cells rewards from the following challenges: 
  • “Complete Raids” from 300 to 100 Cells. 
  • “Complete Raid with Specific Loadout” from 200 to 50 Cells. 
  • All Synthite challenge rewards have been increased from 250 to 300. 
  • All Parts challenge rewards have been increased from 250 to 300. 




  • Ranking Points received from Building have been doubled. 
  • Ranking Points received from Raiding is now dependent on the difficulty of the Outpost but have been generally increased across the board. 



  • The friendly Harvester is now immune to Corrosive Cube acid.



  • Arc Barrier: The uptime has been decreased from 1.5s to 1s. 
  • Demolition Cannon: Level 1 ammo has been increased from 2 to 3, and from 3 to 4 at Level 2.





  • The Path of the Chimera achievement has been replaced, as the feature it was based on has been removed. The new achievement, Social Raider, can be unlocked by grabbing the GenMat and escaping in a Social Raid. This new achievement will be automatically unlocked for users who unlocked Path of the Chimera in the past.



  • We have fixed an issue displaying a Harvester path of 0m for some Outposts after activating the Watchman boost.
  • Note: This fix will require any Outpost that displays this issue to be reopened by the Builder after downloading this patch update. The issue will be resolved as soon as the Builder loads into the Outpost, so this issue may still be displayed for a few days but should die down over time. 



  • We have fixed an issue preventing the Overseer's Slipstreamer Biolink audio from playing when the Biolink is equipped on a different suit.
  • Fixed an audio issue occurring when multiple Sentry Beam lasers would hit around the same target.
  • Fixed an issue preventing audio from playing when a co-op partner would use any hardware.
  • Fixed an issue preventing audio from playing when an Assassin would hit a wall.
  • Fixed multiple audio issues with UI interactions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Dead Man's Switch's Audio from playing after melee killing consecutive Guards.



  • We have fixed an issue causing the Warmonger to sometimes go through the raider and miss the attack when in close proximity.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Warmongers and Assassins to destroy an Incinerator by attacking its flames.



  • We have fixed an issue preventing the Corrosive Cube's Splatter mod from triggering when hit by a Sentry Beam's laser.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Corrosive Cube's Splatter mod to trigger repeatedly when hit by a Demolition Cannon's projectile.
  • Fixed an issue preventing flames from the Incinerator’s Napalm mod to be correctly spawned on a trap equipped with the Second Wave mod, in certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue causing Incinerators to destroy themselves when the Eruption mod is triggered.


  • We have fixed an issue causing the Phoenix Pod icon to show multiple instances.
  • Fixed an issue allowing dead raider bodies to collect loot and the GenMat.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Spike Drive uptime UI to not be displayed after restarting a raid.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Volt Lancer's ammo count to be incorrect when entering a raid as a co-op guest.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the co-op client to pass through the host after reviving them.



  • We have fixed a visual issue with Lab decal preview icons.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from being able to immediately open the Mod menu or Guard recording when returning from "Test My Base".
  • Fixed an issue preventing a Skull to be consulted when in the same position as a Guard.
  • Fixed an issue displaying the hologram of a Guard in building, after it being deleted.
  • Fixed an issue preventing co-op clients from being able to complete recording/editing before "Test My Base" countdown is completed.
  • Fixed an issue causing FPS drops to occur on Outposts filled with large amounts of Framed Glass Blocks or Gearworks Props.



  • We have implemented a potential fix for an issue causing some Replays to stop responding around the first minute. 
  • We will be monitoring player feedback further to see if this issue still occurs.
  • Fixed an issue forcing the camera perspective to always reset to the first player when viewing a co-op replay.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Sentry Beam to aim incorrectly when viewing a replay.
  • Fixed multiple visual issues with traps VFX when viewing a replay.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Assassin to not appear visible when viewing a replay, in certain conditions.



  • We have fixed an issue sometime preventing the user from scrolling the Outpost list in the Build menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Chimera Project UI to open when attempting to navigate the Outpost Results UI on controller.
  • Fixed an issue forcing users to press the "Back" input twice to be able to exit the Social Raid menu.


For status updates on known issues, please refer to our Known Issues Board here:  


See you in the wasteland! 


-The Meet Your Maker Team 

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