Raid Enhancements

Raiding Enhancements are consumables that augment how your Custodian interacts with the game. These can vary, from increasing your speed to leaving a damaging shockwave when you fall high distance.

Enhancements can be obtained by completing Expeditions and Zones, they come in a variety of rarities which will increase the effectiveness of the enhancement:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic

You can equip 1-3 Raid Enhancements to your Custodian, these can be applied in the loadout screen from the Sanctuary or the Safe Zone within the Raid; and can be found under “Hardware”. The Enhancements you have equipped can also be seen at the bottom right hand of your screen while you are Raiding. 

The Raid Enhancements applied to your Custodian will be consumed when you exit the safe Zone in your next Raid.



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