Co-Op Raiding & Building

Meet Your Maker allows players on the same Platform to jump into the Wasteland with a friend to Build and Raid Outposts together! To invite a friend to build or Raid with you, access the Friends list (PlayStation: R3 Button, Xbox: Right Stick, PC: ""Y"" Key) as indicated on the right side of your screen and invite the player you wish to join you. Note that this option is only available while in your Sanctuary. From your Command Center, you can then switch to the “Build" or “Raid” tab and proceed with your co-op partner.

When Building, only the Host will be able to Save and Activate the Outpost, the Guest will not have these permissions. Autosave is automatic on the Hosts side. Similarly, only one player will be able to edit an individual Trap, guard or other placed object at a time.

When Raiding, the Host player will be in control of the Expedition Map. All rewards, including reward nodes, are earned individually Remember that you can revive your down teammate, but you can also be the reason they die, as Friendly Fire is a hazard.

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